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Farky Rafiq

Profile: Farky Rafiq

Digital Marketing Consultant

My Background

I would describe myself as a Digital Marketer with a traditional Marketing background.

I started my career in Retail B2C Management, quickly becoming interested in consumerism, the understanding buying behaviours, and reaction to, relationship with products/services and brands.

Over the years I have developed a senior marketer with a specialist interest in

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Branding and Marketing Communications.

I've spent the last 8 years working in the third sector as the Head of Marketing of a Therapeutic Children's Services provider. Given that this sector is a little behind the curve in terms of Digital Marketing my focus was to transfer my offline work online. After a short period of time I had noticed that if I applied the same marketing methodologies into digital I could get better results.

Working in this space we're always conscious of costs, every penny spent in Marketing could be better spent on service delivery. The task for me was to ensure that every pound spent was measurable. Most marketers seek to gain measurement as an output of our work. So I would spend alot of time studying my Google Analytics. By using analytics I could finally do what I couldn't using traditional methods such as print, events and radio, I could start to understand the funnel. The proof to me was to see thousands of people apply to Foster as a result of my online and offline campaigns.

So I thought SEO was the next logical step for me to take. My work at that the time was focused on Conversion Rate Optimisation, PPC and Analytics. But I wanted then to test my results in SEO.

My core area of expertise was building brands that people resonated with through opinion leadership. I had started to feel abit disconnected with marketing theory. How could strategies that were developed before the rise of the internet and Google still be relevant, considering that the business environment had changed to much?

I can segment, target and position all I want, but it doesn't really matter as the conversation had been taken online by consumers. I left my role in traditional marketing in late 2011 to set-up my own Digital Marketing Agency.

Tthere's a large gap between what marketing actually is and how the digital industry sees it as. The industry could be compared to a 12/13 year old child, as per the recent updates it's got some growing-up to do. Have these updates been developed to improve the user-experience and quality of results? Or is the behaviour of current search practice affecting results which has been the core driver of these changes?

My company strap line is: 'Liquid Silver Marketing creates user experiences, developing the brands of tomorrow'.

That speaks to my forever values,

It's the user-experience that I'm seeking to define whether that be content focused or design led, search is a by-product of success!